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The Team

 Founder & Owner - Tamsin Sprawling


 "I'm Tamsin, the founder and owner of Sprawling & Osborne. I've lived in the countryside my whole life and always enjoyed a good adventure.

As a child we spent our weekends and holidays camping, hiking, skiing or out on a boat whilst my dad was diving.

My fashion sense growing up was very practical, we lived in a small village and the other families on the road had children slightly older than me so a few times a year they'd come by with huge bags of their old clothes and pass them all along to me - it was marvellous!

I started Sprawling & Osborne in the spring of 2019, it really surprised me that there was a huge focus amongst country brands and those living in the countryside on the importance of sustainable food and farming practices yet little thought was being given to sustainability in our clothing.

I wanted to change this and Sprawling & Osborne was born."


Content Creator - Jazmine Notley

 "I'm Jazmine, a 21 year old country loving girl from Norfolk who absolutely orders the countryside and all that nature has to offer.

In my spare time I enjoy getting lost in a good book, spending time with my animals or simply taking time out to breathe in the fresh air.

I have also been blogging for almost 3 years, I love to share my favourite things about living in the countryside and my love for English country fashion."



At Sprawling & Osborne we have a small friendly group of ambassadors who all started out as customers who were loving our brand!

Our ambassadors are amazing for generating ideas and giving us early feedback on potential new products to help us make sure they are exactly what our customers are looking for.

Keep reading to find out a little more about Jess, Fran & Grace.


Jess - @somersetcountrygirl

"I'm Jess, I'm 22 and from Somerset. I've lived here since I was born and I can't image living anywhere other than the countryside! I've just finished my teacher training and can't wait to start my new job soon. In my free time I love to go on walks, spend time with friends and family and of course go shopping!"


Fran - @francescasimes


Grace - @countrysidewithg