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Our Story

Welcome to Sprawling & Osborne - A sustainable clothing and accessories brand based in rural Essex.
Sprawling & Osborne began from my interest in fashion and desire to create truly sustainable and well-fitting clothing and accessories suitable for all of life's adventures.
In today's world I believe it is so important to move away from both the fast fashion industry and throw away habits that have become so common. I wanted to create beautiful and stylish pieces that people would treasure forever.
The very first Sprawling & Osborne product was a hair on hide belt. As a family we eat a lot of venison that comes from the forests and woods that my father manages for conservation purposes, each and every piece of the deer was being used apart from the hides and I wanted to find a way to use them. This turned out to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated but by this point I was set on making some great products and starting a business that focused on sustainability.
From here we've began to develop new ranges including our unisex casual wear range and our women's wear range, continuing to focus on ensuring our products are produced as sustainably as they can be!
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