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Here at Sprawling & Osborne we are committed to sustainable and ethical manufacturing.

Whilst some of our products are handmade to order right here in Great Britain we also believe that when done correctly overseas manufacturing can be totally sustainable. This is especially true when the raw materials are being grown and produced in these locations too.

We live in a global society, each country able to offer differing services and each with their own specialisations! We ensure that all products manufactured overseas comply with fair wear standards and you will find the relevant certifications in all our clothing. This means you can rest assured that your pieces were made by happy hands and in turn you are supporting those individuals and their families.

There is still much more to be done to ensure that all overseas manufacturing is both ethical and sustainable but we're doing our part. As consumers the most important thing is to check your labels and ask yourself whether you'd be happy to make that item for that price...

For more information about any of our products please just get in touch.