5 Things to do this Autumn with Jazmine

Hello everyone, Jazmine here!

Welcome back to the Sprawling & Osborne blog. Today we're talking Autumn and more specifically, my top five things to do during Autumn!

Number One

I think it’s really important to breathe in the fresh air on a regular basis and if you’re a country bumpkin like myself, you’ll already be aware of the benefits fresh air has. During the Autumn months, a lot of our countryside and surroundings change as we transition and personally this is one of my favourite times of year. I love seeing the leaves change and drop and the array of colours that are washed over the countryside. Ensure you make time for a 15-minute walk every day or as often as you can to feel the benefits and enjoy the changes. Alongside that, why not take a photo or two of the same spot every time you pass it so you can look back over the next coming weeks to see the changes in effect.

Number Two

One of my favourite things to do this time of year is berry picking. Seeing the hedge line fill with berries always makes me feel autumnal and this year I decided I would collect some sloe berries as well as blackberries to make my very own gin. I’ve never made flavoured gin before and it’s something I’ve wanted to try my hand at so this year I made it happen.

It’s actually extremely simple to do, I found a recipe/how-to online and followed the steps. Mine is currently fermenting and I will be sure to keep you updated over on Instagram with how it turns out.

Number Three

Another great thing to do this time of year is to visit a Deer Park. I’ve always associated deers with Christmastime so it certainly gives me Autumn/Winter vibes to think of them. There’s a lot of deer parks dotted around the country and they’re always set in beautiful estate grounds so it’s always a beautiful day out whether you’re there to see the deer or not! Here in Norfolk, we have Holkham Hall which is home to 300 - 400 fallow deer that roam freely around the gardens, it’s simply magical!

Number Four

I don’t know about you but the colder months immediately make me think of hot chocolate and a warm scone. I absolutely adore hot chocolate and more specifically, when you make it at home. I personally love Whittard hot chocolate powder and even though we normally cheat by heating our milk in the microwave and not on the hob, it really is divine all the same! Once you improve your hot chocolate game, you never go back!

Number Five

Visit a Maize Maze! Along with the deer parks, there are maize maze sites all over the country, however, due to COVID, only a few opened this year so make sure you check out www.maize-maze.com to see if your local maze is open! I haven’t been to a maize maze in absolute years but it’s something I loved and you can enjoy at any age! Whether you’re taking the kids for a day out or going with friends, it’s a guaranteed laugh!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration from this blog post and end up doing one or more of these activities. Be sure to let us know if you’ve done any of them by tagging us on Instagram @sprawlingandosborne. Even better if you’ve done them in an item from S&O!

Speak again soon!


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