NEW: Introducing the Aspen Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Coming to you today with a new blog all about our gorgeous new Aspen Quarter Zip sweatshirts! These were such a long time in the making but I can honestly say you will not be disappointed, they are 110% worth the wait.

I think it's fair to say that we all know how popular the good old quarter zip is these days, they are an absolute style staple and not just for the country folk. They make there way in to so many different wardrobes in so many different forms. Our Aspen Quarter Zips have been designed with a minimalist vibe in mind meaning they are a great staple and something that can be worn time and time again for years to come.

Creating those timeless, long lasting, quality pieces is what we're all about at Sprawling & Osborne - we want to know that we're not only doing our bit for the planet by making a conscious effort to choose environmentally friendly materials but we're also helping you be able to do your bit by not needing to replace your items so quickly!

Fast fashion has become a serious buzz word in 2020, and I'm so pleased that the real impact of mass produced clothing is coming to the forefront of people's minds. Whilst it might be an adjustment to stop buying 10 sweatshirts and opt for 1 or 2 quality, staple pieces instead, this is the only way forward. For me, it's more important to focus on the cost per wear rather than the initial price tag - this is a real mindset shift but one that makes for far more sustainable decision making.

With all that being said here's a few quick features of our new Aspen sweatshirts that I think make them just that much more special.

1. Local, Small Scale Manufacturing

Every Aspen quarter zip is lovingly made by local, highly-skilled seamstresses, this means that each and every purchase is supporting a number of small business owners. Working with individuals, who all take pride and care in their work means we can guarantee the utmost love and attention has been paid to the crafting of your sweatshirt. It also means that we can ensure those individuals are being fairly compensated for their time and skill as we work directly with them.

2. Natural Materials

Our Ivory Aspen quarter zip is made from the softest 100% organic cotton brushed back fleece - side note, the day the first samples of this fabric arrived I was quite ready to just keep it all as a giant blanket, I could have rolled myself up in it and drifted off to sleep for hours - being serious though this fleece is extremely soft and maintains its fluffiness evening after washing.

3. Simplistic Classic Style

As I've already mentioned, our Aspen's are a very traditional style and deliberately minimalist to ensure they can be worn time and time again with a multitude of different outfits. I certainly don't think that being sustainable means you have to miss out on style - the Aspen is a versatile design that can be worn for lounging at home on these lockdown days, for country walks, family pub dinners or even dressed up for work with tweed skirt. The more fitted shape of our women's quarter zips means you can make them work just that bit harder for so many more occasions.

I'll be sharing a whole host of ideas and tips on how to style the Aspen quarter zip in upcoming blogs but I'd also love to see how you style yours - please tag us in your Instagram photos or even email them to me. It really does make my day! I'll be sure to share them too.

4. Functional, Durable Hardware

The Ivory Aspen features a hardwearing, donut pull YKK zip, if you're something of a zip snob then you'll know that YKK really are the best when it comes to zips so we're confident that there'll be no breakages around here and no getting trapped in your Aspen's - although I can think of a lot worse things to be stuck in!

That's it from me today, I hope you've loved reading a little more about all the features of our new Aspen quarter zip and I can't wait to see them out and about in the fields, villages, towns and cities of Britain.

'Til next time, Tamsin xoxo

P.S. If you struggle with sizing, we can offer a simple alteration service - this might be a longer/shorter body or sleeves, larger bust or more fitted waist - or alternatively we can offer a one of a kind, made to measure garment, please just get in touch.

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